Next Firearms FITC Open to All Agencies
Delaware Department of Corrections Training Academy, Dover, DE
March 19-27, 2012 (with Saturday & 24 - Sunday, March 25, off)
Course Cost:  $825

You may register online at

The Firearms Instructor Course is an integrated course designed to provide new firearms instructors with all components necessary to conduct safe, reasonable, and prudent firearms training, building the bridge to actual operations.  The overall goal of this course is to remove the disconnect between range training, qualification and real life requirements.  

Upon completion of this course, the instructor candidate will possess all of the tools necessary either to establish a new firearms training program or enhance an existing one.  Any changes or enhancements to a firearms training program should be adopted after presentation to and review by agency officials, not at the firearms instructor's discretion.  

Some enhancements that this program provides include:

  • Firearms manipulation practices and tests for both classroom and live range
  • Manual including:
    • Safety, security, and sanitation standards and practices
    • Range management and design
    • Theory of progressively phased firearms training from basic to preparation for actual situational firearms use
    • Coordination and Analysis Tables to provide quick analysis of all firearms-related actions performed, rounds expended, forced manipulations, positions, conditions and tactics practiced
    • Basic and specific developmental courses of fire
    • Design of firearms simulations using simulated ammunition
    • Integration of firearms carrying and use with job related tasks, individual and team movement tactics, and other available use of force modes and methods
    • Separate testing and qualification instruments for range, simulation, and firearms manipulation
    • An overview of ballistics:  internal, external, and terminal
    • Instructional theory for  skills to be used in confusing and quickly changing situations
    • Range instruction and coaching

Course Length

  • 7 Days

Course Components

  • Firearm Systems Control Theory

    • Autoloader (or revolver) functioning
    • Ballistics
    • Marksmanship
    • Gun Handling
    • Safety Rules
    • Manipulation
  • Basic Range Practice

    • Reactive (Proximity) Shooting
    • Precision (Distance) Shooting
  • Adaptive Range Practice

    • Lateral angles
    • Vertical angles
    • Obstructions
    • Multiple targets
    • Shoot - Don't Shoot Target Combinations
  • Tactical Firearms Practice

    • Combined weapons (pistol / shotgun)
    • Movement
    • Movement & Tactics Practice - Point to Point / Angle Shooting
    • Environmental Condition Practice
    • Firearms Manipulation While Disabled 
  • Simulated Firearms Situational Practice

    • Use of Force Theory
    • When to holster in favor of less-than-lethal weapon
    • How to unholster from less-than-lethal weapon / flashlight in hand
    • Shielding, Distance, & Movement - appropriate counter measure
    • Tactical Positioning
    • When to unholster / hold down / low ready / ready / ready at subject
    • Shoot - Don't Shoot
    • Shoot - Don't Shoot with movement and verbal direction
    • Team Shoot - Don't Shoot
  • Integrated Use of Force Decision Making Practice

    • With Less-than-lethal weapons
    • Multiple subjects of various subject classifications
    • In and around vehicles
    • In and around buildings
    • Multiple levels
    • Various lighting conditions
  • Instructor Training

    • Safety
    • Coaching
    • Range Management
    • Designing Drills (Practices)
    • Shooting Assessment Standards
    • Instructor presentation practice
    • Full manual
    • Printed form and instructions for each course of fire for all training components
    • Course of fire overview documents showing amounts of rounds, reloads, movement, tactics, etc.



$800 each, for more than one attendee from the same agency.

Upon registration, we send your choice of e-mailed or faxed logistical information with accommodation selections at special rates.